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Why use our services?

Save time and money
Our clients save hundreds to thousands of dollars on each transaction.
Get what you want
When you work with one dealership, you are limited to what they have in stock, inbound or what they can trade for.  We can work with any California dealer.  If your new or used car exists at acceptable terms, we will get it for you.
Eliminate dealer stress
Dealerships negotiate from top dollar to maximize profit. We simply offer you our best terms from start to finish.
All makes and models
Not sure on what you want? No problem, we can give you unbiased advice to help guide you to the best vehicle for you. We don't have time limits, quotas or sales contests, just good information.

What else should you know?

Full warranty - Same as buying direct from the dealership
Buying with us is the same as buying from a dealer.  Your paperwork will be from the factory authorized dealership and you may have your car serviced at any dealership for your brand.  This is no different from any other buyer who has your same car. There is no downside that we have discovered yet to our new car autobroker service.
One call or inquiry and we do the rest
We believe in service. We don't have any gimmicks.  We do work for a fee from you, the consumer, but up until the point you ask us to check pricing and availability or otherwise engage the selling dealers, we are happy to answer your questions and give you general advice about the car you are considering free of charge.
We help you choose the right vehicle, find it for you, negotiate the best price available, offer the best financing and lease rates, handle your trade-in, all in a clear and upfront manner.
Once you retain us, you are the boss so to speak and we are your agent.  You can change colors, make or model and we can explore cars until we figure out the right one for you. And, if in the process, after we have given you final figures, you can actually get a better deal than we can provide, simply buy that car, provide proof by means of a dealer's sales contract and we will refund all monies that you have deposited with us. We only earn our fees by providing a real service to our clients.

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